7 Ways to Break Through Your Visibility Roadblocks

When we talk about getting visible, we have to talk about getting uncomfortable. Because the truth of the matter is that for many of us, especially at the beginning, being visible IS uncomfortable. We don’t love posting on Facebook. We don’t want our family and friends seeing us when we’re not yet “successful”. We’re nervous […]

The Two Problems with “Getting Visible”

Visibility is one of the biggest challenges for new entrepreneurs. I hear from so many people that they really WANT a certain result, but they aren’t willing to do the VISIBLE work to get that result. (The behind the scenes stuff? Don’t get me wrong – they’re all about hustling in that aspect, but getting […]

Visibility that feels good AND grows your business

When I recently opened up the application process for A Lit Up Partnership, one of the most interesting things that came out of the three week process was the realization that visibility remains one of the biggest challenges for new entrepreneurs. The amount of people who indicated they REALLY wanted to win the partnership, and […]


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