Are Facebook groups and funnels REALLY dying? Maybe.

“Facebook groups are dying.”
“Marketing funnels don’t work anymore.”
“Webinars no longer convert.”
There’s been talk around the block lately that Facebook groups, webinars, and even email funnels are no longer useful in business, particularly when it comes to growing an audience (and your bank account).
But, these numbers only tell one side of the story.
What I want to hone in on is WHY they’re “dying”.
Because…Facebook groups, webinars, or email funnels that are unengaged, only about sales, or aren’t true communities MIGHT be dying (probably should be dying)…but REAL communities?
Real communities are not going away. Real communities are here to stay.
…and, those real communities will build your business and your bank account for the long haul! Here’s how. (more…)

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How To Build An Engaged Community That Also Grows Your Bank Account

I’ve heard some stuff lately like… “Facebook groups are dying”.
I couldn’t disagree more.
Facebook groups that are unengaged, only about sales, or aren’t true communities might be dying, but REAL communities are not.
I’ve built my Facebook group to over 2,000 women and I’ve consistently used it to make five-figure months since my second month in business.
There is a way to build a thriving community that is valuable while also building your business and your bank account.
But here’s the key… we have to be willing to do BOTH.
We can’t JUST be about the selling and we can’t JUST be about the service. When we combine both is when not only will our communities thrive but when our businesses thrive!
Here are my best tips around how I’ve built a thriving community and my bank account while feeling value-based and integrity-based the whole time.

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The #lituplivestream Challenge

Recently when I asked the members of my Facebook group The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur what they loved and what they wanted more of, they said livestreams from me and challenges to execute.
So in the spirit of executing and making things happen, we hosted an impromptu livestream challenge called #lituplivestream where we focused on visibility, execution, support, and connection with your ideal clients!
Even though the challenge isn’t live anymore, YOU can still go through it so that you can create some seriously awesome re-usable livestreams livestreams to grow your visibility and up your know, like, and trust factor like whoa!
The #lituplivestream challenge will help you EXECUTE… and complete a livestream each day (not just think about it!) that you can use and share to grow your business and visibility. I’ve listed out 5 prompts to use (so you don’t have to wonder… what am I going to talk about??) AND I’m sharing my own livestreams here (yes, I went through the challenge right alongside everyone! Gotta walk my talk.)
As you go through these prompts and create your own livestreams, use the hashtag #lituplivestream so you can share it in different places/groups but we can still find each other, support each other, and give feedback + love (feel free to tag me too!!)

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Want To Know How Content Can Bring In $1,000 In One Day?

Sound amazing to make $1,000 in a day by creating content?
That is EXACTLY what my client, Molly Fedick did.
I’m so excited to share this story with you! Molly has grown her blog’s Instagram from 111 to 5,459 followers in THREE weeks, and got TWO paid sponsorships for her Instagram account (yes, you read that right)!!! It’s important to mention these are ENGAGED followers that are obsessed with her content and like, comment, and share her stuff regularly.

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