Why Personal Growth Is The Key That Many Entrepreneurs Are Missing

As a coach, I’ve seen how business owners can neglect their personal needs and personal growth in the early stages of entrepreneurship. You’re so busy trying to hustle and bustle and build your business that doing something for yourself just isn’t on your radar.
Here’s the deal: when you grow, your business grows.
You don’t need to feel guilty or any less of a badass for needing some self care, pleasure reading, or time with family and friends. It’s through those experiences that you’ll grow and develop which can only mean good things for your business!
Business demands creativity, passion, innovation, and aligned action. When we stop investing in ourselves that spark that lights us up and moves us forward dims, and so does our business.
If this rings true for you, it’s time to snap out of the coffee haze and invest in yourself! Here are some tips on how to achieve this in your own business.

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How to Solve the Biggest Issue in Your Biz and ACTUALLY Get Results NOW

Can we talk about the biggest unaddressed issue in our industry?
OK, good.
It’s solving the WRONG problems in your business.
I see this often with clients that come to me trying to solve a problem with “starting the sale” (i.e. getting more warm leads) by learning how to do discovery calls better… but it’s not the right solution to that problem.  Or they come to 1:1 coaching trying to solve a mindset/belief problem by getting even MORE strategy planned out. Again, not the right solution. (more…)

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Want to change your reality? Change your environment.

Who we surround ourselves with matters.
What I mean by this is that we’re influenced – for better or worse! – by the relationships we keep in both business and life. You’ve probably heard of the quote from Jim Rohn that says we’re the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. With this, he’s really just saying that we start to think and act like the people around us are thinking and acting.
This can be incredibly detrimental OR incredibly helpful.
Here’s what I mean! (more…)

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5 Ways Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable Has Helped Me Achieve Major Success

There’s a lot of talk in the entrepreneurial space that you should only do things in your business from a place of “flow” and “ease”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about both of those things, but you can still have ease (which ironically is different than EASY) and you can still have flow (which ironically is NOT the opposite of hustle) WHILE showing up daily and creating momentum and results in your business.
Yet, this requires a willingness to get comfortable being uncomfortable. To decide that not everything has to feel “amazing” in order to get it done. To recognize that many things that are new WILL be uncomfortable at the beginning.
The quicker you can get comfortable in the uncomfortable, the quicker you’ll see results in your business. How do I know? Let me share with you the 5 ways that getting comfortable being uncomfortable has helped me achieve major success as an entrepreneur…

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