3 Steps to Create a Thriving Relationship with Money

I think sometimes people feel guilty for caring about money (which is super important as a biz owner!) because they think it makes them greedy. The truth is, caring about money won’t make you greedy, destroy your priorities, or turn you into a money monster.
But money can help you go on more vacations, send your kids to better schools, invest back into your business, take care of your health, and so much more.

Money is a tool that YOU use, not a vice that uses you.

The thoughts we consistently think are just as impactful as the actions we consistently take, because what we believe shows up in our lives!
Let’s correct this bullshit once and for all: being a business owner who cares about income doesn’t make you a bad person. You will never be less of a thoughtful, giving, kind-hearted person because you make money. Your income doesn’t define your worth, but it does give you a level of security, freedom, and comfort.
We need to get comfortable with money, work on our relationship with money, and set money goals that drive our business forward.
Here are the 3 steps to implement to begin a thriving relationship with money. (more…)

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5 Keys to Getting Big Results in Your Business

Over three rounds of A Lit Up Partnership, my past partnership clients created the following results:

  • 5x an income
  • A Forbes feature
  • Filled a practice with ideal clients  
  • Made $1500 in one week on a passive income product
  • Created six figures of income within 6 months
  • Hit five figure months consistently

(Just to name a few!!)
These are pretty awesome results, right? After three rounds of the partnership, I am convinced that this isn’t an accident. This process works. This crazy, innovative idea isn’t actually so crazy. 
So why has the Partnership helped these women create such incredible results?
Here are 5 key takeaways from the Partnership clients + how you can apply these strategies to YOUR business for big results! (more…)

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My Top 5 Secrets for Making Sure Your Next Investment is Your BEST Investment

Thinking about WHERE to invest can be totally overwhelming. There are so many coaches out there, so many programs and courses and guides, so many different service providers who all seem to be selling exactly what we think we need, and so many software or task management systems that we’ve convinced ourselves we’ve just got to have.
So, the question becomes, how do we cut through the clutter and actually figure out what’s best for us at this moment in our businesses and lives? (Cause, yep, it does change!)
Here’s my secret formula for deciding WHEN and WHERE to invest. (more…)

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My Specific Practices For Getting Empowered Around Money

Money is such a charged topic isn’t it? It can make us feel deliriously happy (new client pays her first invoice) OR like a total failure (monthly income is NOT where you want it to be, or is simply non-existent).
But the truth is, that its usually LESS about what happens (because we could easily reframe either of these situations to be good or bad) and MORE about the level of empowerment you feel around money.
Let’s check in:

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Money Flows Where It Has a Purpose

Big income months are good, big impact months are better, and both together is BEST.
That’s why it’s important to me to have conversations around how to create an impactful business, but to also be TOTALLY available to talk about income and making money without the shame or judgment around it.
I notice that in this industry it seems like we’ve created some extremes…. Where we ONLY talk about the impact or we ONLY talk about the money. Now, I get that this isn’t everyone (and that it’s a sweeping generalization) but I DO want to make the case that you CAN be about BOTH while being in INTEGRITY.
I’ve created consistent 5 figure months since my second month in business, and I know that we CAN be about the income in a way that feels good. One of my secrets of how I’ve been able to make that happen is that a huge part of it (besides putting in the blood, sweat, and tears of course!!) has been setting intentions.

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How being motivated by more than money will help you grow your business

What motivates you in your business?
At the beginning of our business it’s normal to be primarily motivated by money (because you have to make money to make a difference.. am I right?), but we’re not necessarily bringing it in right away so we need something ELSE to motivate us as well.
Then a little while into our businesses we’re bringing in the money and it’s motivating us to make more, but we’re starting to get a little itch that we need to connect to something MORE than money to KEEP us motivated.
Finally, as we’ve increased our income, and are hitting our goals the money is still awesome, but it’s not our driving factor, and if more than money hasn’t previously motivated us it will be easy to burn out. We’re also in the position of having to keep a team motivated, and trading dollars for hours isn’t doing the trick. We have to not only keep ourselves motivated by more than money, but our team as well.
So what does that mean? It means that STARTING OUT being motivated by more than money is key to your progression, evolution, ability to make money, and ultimately your impact!
That’s EXACTLY why I invited Erica Gellerman to join me for a conversation on this topic!

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Let's Talk About Money, Honey!

I’ve had lots of questions recently about how I’ve been able to consistently bring in five-figure months since my second month in business, so I’m spilling one of my secrets, which is that a huge part of it (besides taking the right action of course!) has been setting intentions.
A wonderful mentor of mine told me quite some time ago that “money flows where it has a purpose”. That has always stuck with me, and has become a huge part of my practice in my business.
That is why I started creating intentions around the money I want to bring in. I decide how much I desire to make in the upcoming months, assign where every penny of it will go, and then I get really unattached to HOW it will happen.

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