How to Effectively Repurpose Your Content During the Holidays

Lately I’ve been reflecting on how different my life looks now than it did just over 3 years ago. The me of 3 years ago was SUPER stressed and overwhelmed leading up to the holidays and NEVER took time off because I wanted my employees to be able to take the time. I would run […]

How leading with value can create better results in your business

We’re used to asking questions like: How can I add 1,000 people to my list? How can I make 10K per month? How can I sign 6 new clients? Instead, one thing that I learned from the incredible Margaret Lynch is to ask questions that are based around giving VALUE. In other words: How can […]

How Ditching Your Ideal Client Can Blow Up Your Business

Here’s why I think the ideal client is bullshit. Because #letsgetreal … these ideal client exercises have gotten out of control. We’re chasing an ideal that doesn’t exist. We’re creating a checklist, not a guidepost. We’re trying to figure out things about them that have ZERO to do with what we help with and how we […]

How To Build An Engaged Community That Also Grows Your Bank Account

I’ve heard some stuff lately like… “Facebook groups are dying”. I couldn’t disagree more. Facebook groups that are unengaged, only about sales, or aren’t true communities might be dying, but REAL communities are not. I’ve built my Facebook group to over 2,000 women and I’ve consistently used it to make five-figure months since my second […]

The #lituplivestream Challenge

Recently when I asked the members of my Facebook group The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur what they loved and what they wanted more of, they said livestreams from me and challenges to execute. So in the spirit of executing and making things happen, we hosted an impromptu livestream challenge called #lituplivestream where we focused […]


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