The Two Problems with “Getting Visible”

Visibility is one of the biggest challenges for new entrepreneurs. I hear from so many people that they really WANT a certain result, but they aren’t willing to do the VISIBLE work to get that result. (The behind the scenes stuff? Don’t get me wrong – they’re all about hustling in that aspect, but getting […]

How to Market Like a BOSS

When it comes to marketing, it is so crucial we understand that our clients interpret our value on different levels. What I mean by that is our clients recognize value on several levels: our unique selling point, our framework, the results we’re most excited about, and the results our clients desire. We have to be […]

Are Facebook groups and funnels REALLY dying? Maybe.

“Facebook groups are dying.” “Marketing funnels don’t work anymore.” “Webinars no longer convert.” There’s been talk around the block lately that Facebook groups, webinars, and even email funnels are no longer useful in business, particularly when it comes to growing an audience (and your bank account). But, these numbers only tell one side of the […]

How To Build Your Community AND Make Bank

Ready for a #truthbomb? It’s possible to build a thriving, VALUABLE community while building your business + bank account. Because contrary to what some might say, these two things are not mutually exclusive. You don’t have to choose between building a community…or building an empire.   You get to have both, so long as you […]

Why Finding Your Ideal Client is Bullshit… And What To Do Instead

I think the whole ideal client thing is bullshit. Seriously… I do. We’re chasing an ideal that doesn’t exist. Sure, there is value in knowing who you love to work with. It’s great to understand who lights you up, who leaves you feeling energized, who you get and understand and therefore can best serve. It’s […]


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