My Specific Practices For Getting Empowered Around Money

Money is such a charged topic isn’t it? It can make us feel deliriously happy (new client pays her first invoice) OR like a total failure (monthly income is NOT where you want it to be, or is simply non-existent).
But the truth is, that its usually LESS about what happens (because we could easily reframe either of these situations to be good or bad) and MORE about the level of empowerment you feel around money.
Let’s check in:

Do you feel like it’s in your power to generate the money you desire or does it feel TOTALLY out of your control?
Do you feel like when you sign that new client that you’ll make monetary choices that serve you or do you feel like you can’t control it leaving as soon as it comes in?
Do you regularly look at your finances and feel like a boss (whether you’re making money or just starting up and working toward it) or do you often put your head in the sand?
See the difference? It’s less about WHAT you have and more HOW you feel about money and how empowered you are around it!

Ready to shift to that empowered place? Here are my specific practices for being empowered around money:

1. Get clear on where the money I want to create will go. You know they say that money flows where it has a purpose and I find this to be true 100% of the time. When I’m clear on what I’m bringing the money in for, I feel more empowered, more safe, and more excited.
2. A weekly CEO date with myself to look at my business finances so I can celebrate, tweak and really evaluate what’s going on (because that’s what CEO’s do am I right?)
3. A subscription to for my personal finances. It saves money for me, texts me my balance daily, and keeps me from “hiding my head in the sand” and ensures I stay informed and empowered
4. Doing my money mindset work, checking in on my beliefs, and staying “immersed in it”. That looks like anything from reading a money mindset book, to journaling on the feelings/beliefs coming up for me around money, to using empowering affirmations each day. The point is to make it a consistent practice that you’re “in”, not something you do once or twice and then feel like you’re “done with”.
Ready for more? Check out this super fun “Creative Money”  interview I did with Lisa Savage. We talk:

  • What makes me feel empowered when it comes to managing my money
  • How I price my services
  • What made me decide to raise my rates
  • Which mindset shift I had to make to get more results in my business
  • What career I would choose if I couldn’t be a business mentor
  • Which two businesspeople have impacted me the most


Comment below and let me know: what new habit do you want to put into place to up your empowerment around money?

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