Top 3 Sales Mistakes Keeping You From Killing It In Your Biz (and how to fix them!)

Are you killing it in your business??
If you answered yes… I bet you’re making sales #likeaboss
If you answered no… it’s time to look at your sales process to see what’s working and what’s not so you can create a rocking sales process.
Let’s take a look at the top mistakes that might be affecting your sales… and how to make the changes you need to start bringing in more clients and cash!


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  If you’re not sold on your services and value FIRST, no one else will be.
I see too many entrepreneurs say things like:
“I’ll feel more confident once I make my first sale.”
“I’ll finally feel good about what I’m selling once someone else sees the value and pays me for my services.”
This is the EXACT wrong mindset to be in if you want to make sales, and if you want to do it with ease. You can’t be looking for that outside confirmation, you have to create it for yourself.
How do you create it? Start giving yourself and others opportunity to experience your value and services! Start getting sold on yourself (mindset work) and start showing up and exchanging your services (the action).
For example, at the beginning of my coaching business I coached 3 people for FREE for 3 full months. Now, a lot of coaches will tell you to “never offer your services for free” and I will tell you that’s total bullshit. The WORST thing you could do is come out of the gate completely unconfident, try to sell a super high ticket offer (because you think somehow this has to do with your self-worth) and then be crushed and confused when it doesn’t sell.
Instead, start doing the work (in whatever way you choose, doesn’t have to look like my path!) and let the results play out. Get into the MINDSET of being a service-provider running a business where clients are having success. Start exchanging in your business and life in ways that FEEL GOOD rather than sitting and waiting for the next client to show up and confirm your worthiness. I promise, this will get you sales so much faster than sitting around and waiting.
Those three clients I coached for free? All of them became paying clients. My confidence soared because I was in the experience and because I wasn’t waiting for someone else to validate that my services were awesome.  I was out there providing them.
How can you get sold on yourself FIRST?


One of the biggest mistakes I see a lot of entrepreneurs make is that they don’t have a sales process that starts way before the discovery call, and ends way after.
So many people think the sales process starts and ends with the discovery call, and they end up feeling frustrated and confused when they can’t get clients on the call, can’t close the call, or can’t keep clients after the call.
This is because they didn’t have a PROCESS that took them from start to finish.
You need to know that you have a way to engage potential clients and start the sales process.
You need to know how you’re handling a discovery call and how to make it feel great for you and your potential client.
You need to know that you’re staying congruent after the discovery call ends and keeping the sale and/or engaging in sincere and authentic follow-ups.
That way you don’t feel like you’re throwing #allthethings out there and hoping that at some point someone buys. You know you have a clear process, a way to get a yes, and a way to create consistent sales in your business.
Some of you may even have a process, you just don’t even realize it, so let’s start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. How do I start a sale? What is the first step to engaging with my potential clients and offering value?
  2. Do I feel comfortable on a discovery call? Do I know how to bring value and how to make it feel good for myself and my potential client?
  3. Am I creating congruent processes and follow-ups after a discovery call?
  4. Where do you fall in this process and where can you fill in the gaps in your current process to create a more strategic approach to sales and success?

Take your time to process these questions and identify what’s working, what’s not, and how you can make it more effective.


Can you say that you truly show up for ALL aspects of the sales process? I’m talking about the full process of starting, getting and keeping the sale that actually creates success in your business.
If I’m honest, I see a lot of entrepreneurs that show up for different parts of their sales process, but not the whole thing.
Some examples might look like…

  • Always giving amazing free value but never asking for the sale
  • Asking for the sale (or the discovery call) all.the.time but never being available to give free value or build relationships
  • Doing discovery calls but never following up

That’s why showing up and executing on the sales process as a whole consistently is REQUIRED to create serious sales and success.
For example, I often have my client’s enlist the Gary V rule of jab, jab, jab, right hook, and ask them to be available to give amazing value at least three times as often as they’re selling, but it also allows them to actually SELL after they’ve given the value.  
When you have a process you can’t just execute on a piece of it and expect the rest to fall into place. You have to consistently be available to execute on all of it. Much like I talk about the mindset, strategy, execution {M.S.E.} combination being the key to success in your business I believe that showing up for the full sales process (starting, getting and keeping it!) is the key to creating serious sales.


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