Mentorship Moments

Insider Strategies for Serious Success

Ever wish you could be a fly on the wall and know how the entrepreneurs you look up to are being mentored and coached? Wish you knew the insider information when it comes to what strategies are working in the industry right now, and REALLY wish you could get this information in the quickest and most digestible way possible? You’re in the right place.

The truth is, sometimes all it takes is one new strategy, one new thought, or one shift in perspective for EVERYTHING to change in our business for the better.

And the other truth is… we’re all freaking busy 😂

So whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just getting started, what you need is a simple and targeted way to access the strategies, thoughts, and shifts you’re after so you can go and implement them. Because that’s where you actually see massive results (not in sitting through a 90+ minute webinar that you never get to do anything with).

If you’re after that elusive 10 hour work week or 100k month… I’ve made it as easy as possible to get the perspective that will help you get there.

Enter Mentorship Moments: Insider Strategies for Serious Success

This private podcast feed has over 100 short and sweet audios (3 minutes or less!) of lessons from my client sessions, all proven to help you generate more revenue, sign more clients of your own, and create a business and life that actually lights you up (and doesn’t just look good for the ‘gram).

These are summaries of my juiciest teaching moments, recapping the exact conversations I’m having with clients to help them book out their businesses, hit $10k-300k months, and create sustainable success on as few as 10 hours per week.

I truly believe these behind-the-scenes lessons are invaluable and the convos you’ll hear are the transparent talk that’s missing most in our industry.

Sustainable success is possible for you (but let me be real- it might look different than you think), and this is the unfiltered perspective to help you reach that next level.

With zero generic advice and tons of practical application, these client lessons will not only impact your bottom line and financial forecast, but will change how you think about, understand, and operate in your business too.

Ready to get access to the bts perspective and insider strategies?

When you sign up, you'll...

  • Get access to a private podcast feed with 100+ of my best business-building client lessons (coming DIRECTLY from client convos that are creating BIG results)
  • Learn how I use mindset, strategy, and execution to help my clients go from 0 to six, multiple-six, and seven-figures+ in revenue
  • Hear my top strategies and unfiltered perspective on scaling your business, making more money, and actually doing it in an easeful and sustainable way

Included are lessons on...

  1. How to pick a strategy or business model that works for you
  2. How to make more sales in your business
  3. One of the biggest mistakes I see business owners make (that kills their profit)
  4. The mindset hack that’ll grow your business and help you show up more consistently
  5. How to show up as an expert online & increase your conversions
  6. Not seeing results in biz? Here’s exactly when to switch strategies
  7. The delegation strategy for next level growth
  8. How to ACTUALLY determine the best growth strategy for your biz
  9. How to have a massive sold out launch
  10. The key to creating a well-oiled strategy that gets you clients on repeat
  11. My 3-step hack for getting more done
  12. Watching *these* numbers will help you create more profit
  13. What to do if you’re tired of proving yourself in business
  14. What to do if your clients aren’t doing what you say
  15. The ultimate hack for getting to $40k months
  16. How to determine the best next investment to make in your biz
  17. How to be a thought leader in your industry
  18. How this client went from no sales to a million-dollar business in 2 years
  19. No website, PDF, or funnel AND a six-figure year… What’s the secret?
  20. How my client made $100k from ONE post

…Plus more!

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