Data + Measurement

My long-time friend and client Jennifer Grayeb and I have partnered together on a joint business venture – DATABLE. Datable is here to help you leverage data to be able to make better decisions, create more revenue (and especially more profit) in your business, save serious time, and leverage your team in the most impactful and effective way.

You don’t need to be a “numbers person” to tap into the power that is knowing your data. We’re here to make it simple and help you make data as easy as swiping right 👉


Personalized Measurement Plan

Not sure what you should be tracking in your business or how to find that information? 

We’ll not only tell you, but we’ll personalize it to your business. No cookie-cutter checklists over here! 


Discover the Power of Data

Not sure why data is so important, what we mean when we say data, or how it could transform your business? 

This mind-blowing training will completely change how you look at your business and how you generate results.


Sales Strategy Simulator

Not sure where to focus to generate the biggest revenue increase with the least amount of effort?

Our simulator will tell you exactly where to spend your time and give you exact income figures to prove it.


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