Ready To Create + Plan Your Content In Advance?

I have been dying to share with you all how important it is to create and plan your content in advance! Planning your content accordingly and in advance removes the expectation that we so often put on ourselves to be creative and inspired on the spot. It also helps you be visible and drop the excuses for why you’re not putting yourself and your biz out there.
Here’s a fun affirmation to use for this:

I use a simple process for beginning to plan your content that involves creating categories and themes around your message. Categories are the top 5 areas surrounding your message. They have lots of different pieces to them and you could go on forever about these topics.

Themes fall under those categories and are much more specific, but are also topics that you could talk about in depth. I have my clients choose one theme per week and create all of their content around that theme.
I talk all about this process + how to cultivate inspiration on A Lit Up Life’s new YouTube Channel here:

I’d love to know… what are you struggling with as it relates to creating + planning your content in advance? Comment below, email me at, or join me in my Facebook community, The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur. You’ll get a supportive group of women as well as awesome feedback on your message, content, and biz!
Looking forward to connecting with you all more!


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