Episode 13: Nothing is Wrong (Session 10 with Robyn)

In Session 10 with Robyn, we discuss that difficult place in business when things feel uncertain but nothing is actually wrong. We dive into detachment, big vision, and what safety in business really means. We also talk about what actually IS “wrong” right now and the personal and health challenges coming up for Robyn and how to address (or not address) those from a mindset perspective. This is a really interesting episode where I give a lot of thoughts and advice that is probably counter to what you’re used to hearing but will be really supportive no matter where you’re at in your own journey.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. The thing Robyn is noticing with her new business that’s really serving her that she wants to bring into her coaching business
  2. The recommendation I make for a quick win lead magnet and conversion strategy
  3. The counterintuitive advice I give Robyn about people understanding her message
  4. The mentality that’s so prevalent in our industry that is so damaging and keeps a lot of people broke
  5. The thing that actually creates safety in our businesses
  6. Why I’m suggesting Robyn “blame” something outside of herself and the thing we name as something she won’t overcome with just “the right mindset”

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