Episode 7: Messaging, Marketing and Finding the Thread (Session 5 with Robyn)

In Session 5 with Robyn, we discuss a new message that’s come alive for her, the marketing behind it and the thread that’s been there for her all along. It’s a deep dive into finding the balance between what is great marketing alongside what is also great for and aligned to the business owner. Whether you’re just getting started or continuing to refine your message over time, this will be so useful. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The thing that gave me a big aha as Robyn’s coach 
  • What makes something a ‘marketing dream’ but what you still have to consider in addition to that 
  • The two things we need to do with our marketing to see big results
  • One thing you want to ensure your message always does 
  • How market research can drive you in the wrong direction 
  • What always translates to the best content 

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