Episode 6: Deep grief and sacred rage (Session 4 with Robyn)

In Session 4 with Robyn, we go deep. We talk about being the default parent, the toxicity of doing it all, sacred rage, and deep grief. Robyn shares so openly and vulnerably that I’m moved to tears even typing these words. It’s a truly beautiful episode that, while touching on many personal things, really is a testament to the power of vulnerability. With yourself and with others. I’m so grateful to Robyn for this episode. I know you’ll feel the same.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The real challenge of being the default parent and business owner that needs to get talked about more
  • The toxicity of “doing it all” (and why ALUL didn’t grow last year)
  • Re-working the entire foundation of your belief system and what that entails 
  • How to find ease and neutrality in business even when business isn’t easy 
  • The sacred rage Robyn is letting herself lean into and what grief is teaching her

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