Episode 3: Centering Yourself (Session 2 with Robyn)

In Session 2 with Robyn, we start with leaning into pricing and strategy and end up going WAY deeper into the new identity that’s emerging for Robyn and the importance of centering yourself in your own life and business more. We talk about ‘look at me marketing’, the patriarchy & systems that impact how we show up, and the identity shift Robyn is experiencing as she comes back to herself after pregnancy, grief, and loss. 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The things that actually communicate who your program is for (outside of just what you’re saying about it)
  • The good/bad that comes with hearing “This is so much more valuable than I thought!”
  • What truly makes someone compelling
  • The problem with the “I’ll just go show them” mentality we can get stuck in (and that I often find myself stuck in too!)
  • A look at the systems that influence how we engage with life and our businesses 
  • The importance of “centering” yourself and how Robyn is entering a new era around this concept


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