Episode 18: Mindset, Intuition, and Convincing Energy (Session 15 with Robyn)

In Session 15 with Robyn, we discuss what’s coming up for Robyn mindset wise as she enters into this next launch and the intuitive nudge she’s gotten along the way. We dive into “convincing energy” and when to lean in to help people along their buyers journey and when not to. We also find a place Robyn’s holding back and get specific about where she’s going to put her attention in her launch. This is a great deep dive in getting into the right mindset for a launch and feeling empowered around making sales (even if it’s in a new way that you’re less familiar with!).

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The balance that Robyn is navigating on her fertility and business journey right now
  • The one thing that causes most of our problems
  • The mindset fear that’s coming up for Robyn in this launch
  • How we can use and think about industry data
  • The type of marketing that converts fastest
  • Convincing energy and how to actually think about it while still marketing for results
  • The big shift Robyn can make during this launch to capitalize on what’s already working and see even better results

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