Episode 11: Equilibrium (Session 8 with Robyn)

In Session 8 with Robyn, we discuss where she’s at as she’s wrapping up her year, how she’s feeling about her relationship with social media, an update on her health journey, and she shares a fun business celebration. This feels like a beautiful wrap-up/level set that all centers around finding an equilibrium and what that looks like as a mom, and the owner of two businesses that are both in a “clean slate” phase. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The exciting and unexpected celebration Robyn has to share 
  • The thing that is the most freeing in business 
  • What Robyn uses as the primary way to shift her mindset 
  • The recommendation I’m making about finding balance and integration with both businesses 
  • The one thing we both see as the key to almost all success (especially the kind that is sustainable)

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