Episode 1: Meet Our Season 9 Coachee (Introduction with Robyn)

In this Intro to Season 9, we kick off with a get-to-know-you session with our new coachee, Robyn Gooding! It’s such a fun conversation that takes you deep on Robyn’s story and gives you context around who she is, what both of her businesses are, what her life is like as a mama (whose husband travels for work), and what she’s most excited and freaked out about when it comes to being on the podcast. 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Robyn’s super interesting back story and how coaching “chose her”
  • Why Robyn wanted to work together and what made her say ‘yes’ to the podcast 
  • My perspective on why I knew Robyn was the perfect person for Season 9 
  • How the thing Robyn is most excited for is also the thing she’s most scared of 
  • The big life shifts and challenges Robyn has recently faced and how that changed her perspective on showing up here so vulnerably


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