Episode 8: Safety, Onboarding, and the Discomforts of Scaling (Session 6 with Angie)

In Session 6 with Angie, we discuss some interesting news that impacts everything we’ve been talking about in previous sessions. This adds an interesting spin and is going to support everyone who listens to Angie’s process. We also dive into what scaling looks like and the truth (that you don’t hear often in our space) about what it actually requires of us. Tune in to listen to where Angie’s mindset is in the ‘messy middle’ of this journey as she continues to release control and makes room for her business to be even bigger than before.


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Recognizing what we crave most as human beings (especially as women) and how that impacts our ability to make shifts
  • The intensity of major identity shifts in a short period of time and things to keep in mind when you’re experiencing this 
  • How to onboard a new hire in a way that truly supports you (and them)
  • Angie’s incredible income wins with zero team AND why it still makes sense for her to hire
  • One of the biggest challenges when it comes to scaling and how to deal with the discomfort it brings 
  • “Growing a business bigger than you” and what we have to give up in order to do that
  • Permission to give THIS to your client as the ultimate to-do or homework (even if it feels uncomfortable)


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