In Session 5 with Angie, we discuss identity and what happens when you can’t do the thing you always thought you could do. This conversation will be so relatable and supportive to many, whether you’re in a similar stage of business to Angie, or experiencing a big transition in your personal life. She also shares more about her experience as a Black Woman teaching DEI to white men in suits, which prompts another important dialogue we all need to listen to. 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Thinking about a thing before we experience a thing (business owner, mother, perimenopause, etc.) and what the win really is amidst the preconceived notions
  • What happens when our self-concept is challenged 
  • The truth about getting what you want and my own personal example of this 
  • Why compassion for ourselves is so important and the powerful statement you can use as your guide
  • The inconvenient and yet crucial thing we need to cultivate for leadership and team-building
  • The sneaky way your brain can stop you from getting what you want 
  • Witnessing Angie’s experience as a Black Woman at a white, male-dominated conference and the call-to-action this raises for those of us in the audience  


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