Episode 6: Honoring Rhythms, Building Evidence, and Lightness (Session 4 with Angie)

In Session 4 with Angie, we discuss how things can change much quicker than we might expect. External factors may not be exactly where we want them yet, but when we can name something and start to take small actions, those things start to show up and shifts start to occur quickly. If you’re in a season that feels heavy and results seem far away, this session is going to be evidence that lightness could actually be closer than you think.


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Angie’s realization around her spa day and how this is true for so many of us in so many ways
  • The importance of matching your natural rhythms and desires with your schedule and calendar
  • Doing something that feels challenging for the first time in business, how to think about it, and create ease and momentum after
  • Noticing how much can shift in just one week and the lightness that can bring even when business has felt heavy
  • The hack to feeling better, even while you’re waiting for practical changes to show up 
  • How I recommend Angie address a big opportunity and pitch in her business
  • The one attitude shift that can make ALL the difference in engaging with potential clients 


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