Episode 25: The challenges of being a working mom, accountability, and sustainable growth (Final Wrap-Up with Angie)

In this final episode with Angie, we’re wrapping up Season 8 and going fully off of our normal wrap up questions! Typically, I ask specific Q’s about someone’s time on the podcast and that was… not at all what we did this episode. We had an incredible convo on the challenges of being a working mom, what accountability means, what really creates sustainable growth in business, and the huge year Angie has had. It is such a juicy convo (that I cannot wait for you to hear), and the best way we could have wrapped this season. 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Our take on the challenges working mothers face
  • Angie’s truth (that she knows she’ll be judged for) around how she feels as a working mom
  • A personal share about something my therapist reminded me of recently 
  • Angie’s funny (but deeply important and telling) share that she surprises me with 
  • Angie’s revelations around accountability and sustainable growth
  • A reflection on Angie’s year and what it means to honor and acknowledge the tough seasons


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