Episode 24: Accountability, Time Tracking and CEO Shifts (Session 18 with Angie)

In our FINAL session with Angie (Session 18), we discuss her perspective on accountability after having all of her sessions recorded and what it did (and didn’t) do for her. We also review her Toggl report, talk about if she’s truly one of those people who are “busy but don’t work” and look at what CEO shifts she can make to be able to both run AND grow the business without burning out. 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What I actually think about external accountability (this will probably surprise you)
  • The realizations Angie had from tracking her time for a week
  • The reality of being a busy CEO and running a business that doesn’t get talked about enough
  • The important consideration we must make before we say ‘yes’ to something new
  • The challenge of both running AND growing a business (and how to navigate it)
  • The check in we end with that is the question most of us need to ask ourselves (and won’t always give ourselves permission for)


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