In Session 1 with Angie, we discuss what she’s currently doing in the business, where her challenges lie, and what she wants the next stage to look like. Essentially, you’re getting a lay of the land alongside me, and together she and I determine what her next big step needs to be to get her feeling good and moving forward!


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How systems, support, and automation can help you maintain consistency and move through cycles of low energy so that business isn’t only riding on power moments
  • Understanding what an OBM and a VA each bring to your business so you can hire according to what you actually need
  • The importance of recognizing your zone of genius, where other people can do the job better, and putting your ego aside for long-term, sustainable growth 
  • What happens when there’s lots of context switching and decision fatigue happening for you and where the real problem actually stems from
  • Angie’s Human Design type and why it’s sometimes helpful to know things like this about your clients – to help things move faster
  • How we tend to push things away when it’s way too much and how that is not always self-sabotage, but actually self-preservation and protection 
  • What it means for your team to know your brain and why this is EVERYTHING for getting the support you need


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