In Session 14 with Angie, we discuss the overwhelm she’s feeling as she brings on new associates and deals with the challenges of growth. You’ll hear us dive into the real issues under the issues, and address the bigness of all Angie is dealing with. The alternative title to this podcast was “The coffee isn’t the issue” (lol) which tells you that we get into the deeper meaning behind all of this that will be so supportive for every listener.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Angie’s breakdown and what’s coming up for her as her business evolves 
  • One of my favorite tools to use when you’re experiencing intense emotions in business   
  • The bigness of what Angie’s going through, and how it ties to big things from her past 
  • How coffee isn’t the issue and what actually is 
  • The real shift Angie needs to make for things to improve 
  • The thing I recommend you never tolerate for too long in business 


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