Episode 18: Racism & Renewed Perspective (Session 13 with Angie)

In Session 13 with Angie, we dive into some of the challenges she faced, racism she dealt with, and perspective shifts she experienced in the previous weeks. Angie celebrates her fourth business birthday and speaks to the very real emotional highs and lows she’s experienced around it. This is such an important episode, one that will likely leave you with some shifts and renewed perspectives of your own. 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What Angie’s four year business birthday is bringing up for her and how she’s feeling in this moment 
  • Her recent experience that created renewed perspective on why she does the work she does 
  • The most incredible example of allyship that Angie shares with us (that moves me to tears!)
  • How sometimes the ‘issues’ are what move us forward and how to maintain perspective around that 
  • How to capitalize on what you’re GREAT at in your marketing (without feeling like you ‘have’ to do something else) 


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