Episode 16: Feeling Good & Fine-tuning in Business (Session 12 with Angie)

In Session 12 with Angie, we dive into what’s coming up for her as she feels better and better in business and we fine-tune the stuff that makes the biggest difference – things like boundaries, systems, how we’re using our time and energy, and what it looks like to let go of more control. This convo is going to serve as an opportunity for you to also reflect on where your focus is going and what is or isn’t serving you well!


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Evidence that how we feel in business is often so much bigger than the business itself
  • Things to consider if you’re experiencing time & energy scarcity 
  • How more ‘systematizing’ isn’t the answer to everything and where to place your efforts instead
  • What happens as you start letting go of more control and what to do for the ‘hangover’ that can come from it 
  • My game-changing process I recommend to Angie for starting projects with a team that keeps you out of the weeds as the CEO
  • How to set super clean boundaries in a new project or endeavor


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