Episode 14: Soaking in Spaciousness and Support (Session 10 with Angie)

In Session 10 with Angie, we discuss her exciting and juicy present filled with solid boundaries and systems, spaciousness, and amazing support. This episode represents transition and honoring the expansive moment that Angie is in right now – and how to bring more of that into her future. If you are in a similar season or simply want to soak in Angie’s good vibes, this episode is for you!


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The significant realization Angie experienced around what she’s been able to create in her business
  • Creating boundaries from the RIGHT place
  • Why you AND your business need the systems that allow you to take time off
  • How Angie is balancing the power of letting things go and making time on the calendar to get things done
  • The struggle of growth vs. spaciousness and bringing awareness to the stories our brains tell
  • Reflections on how the support from her OBM has impacted her business – and how the right support should feel 
  • Something that doesn’t always show up on our radars enough (especially as ‘hard workers’) that makes everything in business easier 


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