Episode 10: The Power of Choice and Intentional Scaling (Session 7 with Angie)

In Session 7 with Angie, we discuss how things have shifted for her since she got the answers she needed about her health and began to feel better. This shift opens up space for Angie and the business that leads us to coaching on intentional scaling (and the uncomfortable expansion that often comes with it), making choices that move us forward without burning us out, and marketing advice that you won’t often hear in the online space. 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The big shift that’s occurred for Angie since we last spoke 
  • The one thing that makes EVERYTHING feel better 
  • The type of marketing approach that’s working now that I recommend everyone have in order to bring in more sales 
  • The uncomfortable expansion of the business growing bigger than you and important considerations for letting others in for collaborations, delegating, etc. 
  • The intentional choice Angie is making and what she’s having to let go of in order to do that (+ an important convo on tradeoffs and energy management!)
  • The marketing advice I’m giving Angie that’s entirely opposite to anything the online business space says and why that’s relevant and important 


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