Episode 8: Positioning, Massive Action, and Celebrating (Session 6 with Sabrina)

In Session 6 with Sabrina, we identify Sabrina’s struggle in moving forward with one of her offers, and how to help her feel more lit up while taking action on the things she wants. We also talk about offer positioning and celebrating (even when it’s a result we’ve achieved before). 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Permission to “annoy” your coach by bringing up the same topics multiple times (and why this is really what coaching is made of)
  • Why positioning matters when selling (and buying) a group program vs. mastermind
  • How to stop looking for validation outside of yourself for what you want to do in business
  • What gets us on board to sell more than anything else (especially when we are experiencing blocks and challenges)
  • The single biggest game-changer that brings the most excitement and momentum to business and life
  • Why our conversations often seem unconventional 


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