In Session 5 with Sabrina, we discuss closing down her $2 million program and what led her to make this difficult decision. We also dive into the new identity she’s stepping into, tradeoffs at every level of business, and moving through overwhelm and change. If you want to hear how I support clients through seasons of change and help them build up trust in themselves, don’t miss out on this juicy episode.


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The highly effective way to move through feeling overwhelmed when we overcommit ourselves (and the big payoff that gives you way more freedom)
  • What I see my job as in helping clients make big decisions (and what their job is)
  • How trade-offs are experienced at any level in business (and a deep dive into making decisions intentionally with more ease)
  • The key to helping clients (and ourselves) through seasons of change so we can continue trusting our next decisions
  • How Sabrina is stepping into a new identity (and the importance of what we believe about our next level, success, and business)


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