Episode 6: Seven Figure Sales Strategy (Session 4 with Sabrina)

In Session 4 with Sabrina, we let you in on what it’s really like selling as a 7-figure business owner. Some of the ways that Sabrina grows her business may surprise you, but will be so helpful for you to hear because you’ll be able to put it into practice in your own business, no matter what stage you’re currently in. We also discuss her goal for a million dollar launch, and how she gets to do it her own way.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to remove the pressure around reaching big, stretchy goals (and how to make every step toward them a win)
  • The surprising way that Sabrina makes sales (and how you can steal this strategy right now no matter what stage of business you’re in) 
  • What you need when making business decisions (hint: most of us don’t think of this)
  • Why I always tell Sabrina to go back to her core offers (and how you can think about this in your own business)
  • What Sabrina and I are disagreeing about and how to get past the mindf*ck that there’s a right/cool/better way to make sales 


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