Episode 4: Core Offers and Coaching Challenges (Session 3 with Sabrina)

In Session 3 with Sabrina, you will hear how she processes what has worked in her past offers, how she currently enjoys supporting clients, and the challenges that we come up against as coaches. You’ll get a front row seat to our dynamic and decision making process and learn how to create long-term core offers that exponentially grow your business. 


Tune in to find out:

  • How to make the biggest long-term difference in your business results and income
  • What is most difficult about offering a long-term (12 month) coaching program
  • The most useful way Sabrina processes things (and how to serve her best as a client and not make it about me as a coach)
  • One surprising process that could be preventing new business owners from getting more leads
  • Why building too many offers will slow your business progress (and what to focus on instead to create more success)
  • How to cultivate a community of true fans that buy from you again and again (and why this is key for long-term, sustainable growth)


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