Episode 3: Mindset Challenges and Mastery (Session 2 with Sabrina)

In Session 2 with Sabrina, we cover one of my favorite topics: mindset. Whether you are a multiple 7-figure business owner like Sabrina, or in the beginning stages of your business, you will see how similar mindset challenges can be, even when the problems you experience are different. We dive into taking action from the place you want to be, what to do when you want to hide, and how to create new motivation when things are ‘good’.

Tune in to discover how mindset support is EVERYTHING when determining the next steps that will bring the most fulfillment and results in business and life.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why we resist shifting our mindset when everything seems “fine” 
  • One of the single most important things Sabrina does for personal and business growth (and how every one of us can do the same thing)
  • A mindset tool that Sabrina uses to take action (and how to create our own version)
  • The crazy thing Sabrina did that you can learn a major mindset lesson from
  • The value of long-term support in coaching and why you don’t always have to have an answer of ‘fix’ things
  • How to know which lever to pull at any given time in business to make the most impact possible


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