Episode 27: Biggest Lessons, Almost Quitting the Podcast, and What’s Next (Final Wrap-Up with Sabrina)

In this final episode with Sabrina, we’re wrapping up Season 7 by discussing her time on the podcast. From the brave leap of being this transparent to the time she wanted to never talk to me again to what’s next for us and her business. We’re sharing it all in this final wrap up (including a surprise)!


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Sabrina felt about the experience she had with being on the podcast and her thoughts around being even more visible through these coaching sessions
  • A surprise that both Sabrina and I have committed to that will be beneficial to her, our coach/client relationship, and to you as a listener of LITerally
  • Why I got to a point where I personally wanted to be done with this season (and Sabrina’s side about why she stayed committed)
  • The biggest lessons Sabrina is taking away from the past seven months 
  • Why everything can’t be ‘aligned’ always and Sabrina’s strengths in business that have helped her to be as successful as she is
  • What’s next for her and the one thing I want to point out about her business that people might not expect


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