Episode 26: Finding Support in the “Little” Things: Content Banks, Asset Creation, and Freezer Burritos (Session 20 with Sabrina)

In Session 20 with Sabrina (our final session), we discuss what support looks like in your business – and not just in terms of team or coach. Those are obviously super important pillars that contribute to your success, but what other factors support you as a scaling business owner? This is an exciting opportunity to dive into the pieces we don’t see or talk about often and identify what you may want to add, lean into, or take away to feel even MORE supported as you grow. 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The reality of personal shit that comes up for all of us and why we can’t bypass the human experience
  • How Sabrina produces 153 pieces of content each month and how to treat content as your most valuable asset 
  • What you need to do to make sure the work you’re putting into a training (or anything else that you create) is worth the time, energy, and investment
  • More assets that Sabrina is sharing, the requirements of building those out, and why seasons of building matter in business
  • The meaning behind the phrase, “be the talent” that I often challenge my clients to think about as it relates to team 
  • Looking outside of the box for ways to feel supported and a few examples of what this looks like for Sabrina that help make it easier for her to keep moving forward
  • Why it can feel harder to make decisions or moves when things feel good in business or life and how to find your way through that


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