Episode 24: Transparency Behind Growth, Quantum Leaps, and Scaling at Any Level (Session 18 with Sabrina)

In Session 18 with Sabrina, we discuss what she’s doing with her 1:1 offers, balancing changes in her life with business, and filling team roles – basically, we used this session as a chance to hit the reset button and gain clarity around the challenges she’s facing in these areas. And surprise! We’re extending this season just a bit, so more calls with Sabrina to come!


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Adjusting to new normals in and out of business and the key mindset piece to hold onto as you manage challenges, no matter where you’re at in business
  • Why Sabrina decides to table her 1:1 offer and what she’s focusing on instead from a holistic/zoomed out perspective
  • The worst fear that seems to pop up when business owners experience audience growth and/or attention and a reminder for you around this so it doesn’t feel so intense
  • Why I’m advising Sabrina to wait on launching, and the importance of having the right support
  • Challenges that come with re-hiring someone for a role that didn’t work out in the past and considerations to make based on your needs and circumstances
  • Wanting more “spice” in your business and how to deal with this feeling so that it doesn’t lead to burning everything to the ground
  • “Quantum Leaping” and what is required to make those growth jumps without being miserable or burning out


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