Episode 22: Creating the optimal team and CEO experience (Close-Up with Lacey)

In this solo episode, we discuss the ways to create the most optimal team for your business. Because as a scaling business owner, your team is truly the backbone of everything you do and contributes to creating the best experience possible for you as the CEO. Without the right support, seeing the desired growth can feel even harder, causing resistance and resentment in a lot of other areas.


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • One of the first things I tell clients to put into place when they start building their team (and constantly working on within my own business) that I think we tend to forget, but is crucial to both your happiness and theirs. 
  • The problems that arise when you are the only one “holding the top of the puzzle box” for your team (Psst! This is super common for those trying to move from 6-figures to multiple 6-figures) 
  • Our company “rules” and culture at ALUL and the reasoning behind them so you can see why it’s crucial to create your own for a healthy, well-functioning environment for everyone.
  • The key factor to creating the kind of action you want to see from your team and making sure things roll the way you want them to in your business (and no, it’s not micromanaging!)  
  • How to apply the concept of “small things add up” to you and your team so you’re feeling supported and not using up time and energy that isn’t necessary for you to expend!

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