Episode 21: An Unrecorded Session & Tough Decisions

I requested for us not to record this session as there were some big things we needed to dive into. In this short solo episode, I share the reasoning behind that and the outcome of that conversation. While Sabrina had objections to not recording, we both agreed it ended up being best as we were able to get to the bottom of Sabrina’s resistance, and had space to speak freely (with respect to everyone involved) as we unpacked a tough business decision. Tune in to hear more about this crucial juncture and conversation.


In this episode, we share:

  • What is involved in running a large business (and why having space to process the moving parts is crucial)
  • The root of Sabrina’s launch resistance (and why this is so helpful for you to be aware of in your own business)
  • One trap many high-achievers experience that can make you feel resistance in your business (and how to avoid it)
  • What Sabrina proved to herself in making this tough decision (and why it’s everything for her mindset and self-trust)
  • How to keep your business running smoothly without relying on your energy alone (whether you have a team or not)


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