Episode 13: Team Management as a Seven-Figure Business Owner (Close-Up with Sabrina)

In this solo episode, we take you behind the scenes moments after a team mistake is made. What is the best next step as the business owner? We walk you through how to address team issues, maintain positive and respectful energy, as well as prevent mistakes from happening again. Because our coachee Sabrina is not given the privacy that coaching clients typically receive, you get to witness firsthand the challenges of running and building a team as a seven-figure business owner (and all the emotions that come with it). 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to support team to proactively fix mistakes once they are made (and why this is the key to empowering them)
  • The mindset you need to build more efficient processes and systems for team growth
  • One critical way to check for mistakes and encourage collaboration among team members
  • How to know when it’s time to hire (and who you should hire)
  • The consequences you must hold when team messes up (and how sometimes this can be very costly)
  • How to proof your business to hit goals and reach deadlines (even when team gets sick or has personal issues)

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