Episode 12: The One Where Sabrina Loses Her Sh*t (Session 9 with Sabrina)

In Session 9 with Sabrina, we discuss team challenges, continued mindset work, and once again choosing tradeoffs when Sabrina unexpectedly finds herself working way more in her business than ever before. This is the real behind-the-scenes of what can happen (and cause increased stress) when running a seven-figure business. 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Sabrina lose her sh*t (really though)
  • The best way to address and prevent team mistakes (and what to share specifically in these tough conversations)
  • What Sabrina evaluates when choosing tradeoffs (as it relates to team challenges)
  • The power of using mindset work to support you in staying grounded and making the best decisions (even when you are super frustrated and angry like Sabs)
  • Why Sabrina says she hates me (and her therapist) after our sessions 😂


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