In Session 8 with Sabrina, we talk about the strategy, energy and motivation behind her selling. This will show you that there’s not a ‘secret’, but will also demonstrate how a seven figure business owner shows up and makes big commitments even when it’s uncomfortable. This episode will be a valuable companion in your own sales process, and invites you to make some big commitments alongside Sabrina as well!


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • One powerful way to leverage content for your business so you work smarter and not harder
  • A detrimental selling mindset that runs rampant in our space that I’m calling total BS on 
  • What “ease” actually means and how to flex the muscle of receiving
  • Where to put your attention and energy that is guaranteed to help create more results 
  • How to get fully locked into and connected to really big goals
  • A hack Sabrina uses to stay in action mode and create amazing results 


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