Episode 10: Strategy for Scaling with Simplicity (Session 7 with Sabrina)

Looking to improve your sales strategy and boost your business? In Session 7, Sabrina and I dive into some key principles for success. From understanding the value of lifetime clients to leveraging data and avoiding false urgency, you’ll get actionable tips and insights that you can start implementing today. Plus, you’ll hear about a powerful tool for market research and discover how small mindset shifts can lead to big results. 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why client lifetime value is everything and how to increase it in your business 
  • The one thing you want to focus on before starting a new process and delegating it to someone else
  • An incredible tool to use to get the most effective market research and data for your next launch
  • What the data is telling us about what’s working in Sabrina’s business and how we’re making adjustments to match it
  • One annoyingly simple mindset practice that can get you huge results 


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