Episode 1: Meet Our Coachee (Introduction with Sabrina)

If you haven’t met Sabrina Philipp already, you’re about to get up close and personal with her multiple 7-figure business. In this introductory episode, we share our excitement about going behind-the-scenes of a massively successful business owner, which has never been done before on this podcast (or in our industry). Find out why I thought Sabrina’s application to be on LITerally® was a joke, until realizing it might just be the best thing ever…

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The transformative story of Sabrina’s move to Bali with $800 (and no business) to what her life and business look like now
  • Our concerns recording this podcast season and why I almost didn’t do it
  • The trade-offs (and other surprising things) that come with massive business success
  • Sabrina’s goals for the next six months (and why she had stopped setting them for awhile)
  • Why Sabrina was chosen to be the coachee this season, and what made her want to share in such a public way


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