Episode 9: Business and Life Integration & how to make them work together for more results (Close-Up with Lacey)

In our second solo episode, we’re having a deep conversation on the 9-5 conditioning that tells us that business and life are always in competition with each other. I’m asking you some really important questions to create massive alignment and clarity, and helping you get yourself on board with the idea that these two can integrate in a way that not only serves you, but gets you bigger and better results in your business! 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The biggest hack to letting go of the idea that your business and life can’t support one another so that you can not only FEEL way better but get WAY better results
  • Journal prompts to help you get some massive clarity and alignment so you’re not resisting bringing in the things you want most 
  • How to use mindset, strategy, and execution to get you what you want WAY faster (this is massive and something I’m always coming back to with clients at every level)
  • The action step you can take when you find yourself spiraling or believing you have to ‘work way harder’ (hint: you probably don’t!)
  • What ‘putting in the work’ actually looks like if you want more clients and money coming in the door

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