Episode 8: Implementing Strategy & Execution in the Right Way to Really Grow Your Business (Session 6 with Michelle)

In Session 6 with Michelle, we dive into all things strategy and execution. From deciding your next right steps, to using the free time you have, to stacking strategies in the way that works best- we are getting clear on exactly what makes the biggest difference when it comes to taking action and creating more results in your business (and it’s probably NOT what you think)! 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  •  Where certainty in business actually comes from and what to do for better results that ISN’T a full fleshed out 6 mo plan
  • How to stop overthinking so you can move forward WAY faster
  • Stacking strategies in the right way to get more clients & income without a ton more work
  • The hack to picking the next best step in your business that helps you get into action quicker and see the results from it sooner
  • Why I don’t believe in an “Plan A ONLY” mentality and what I see actually gets people way more growth in their business

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