In Session 5 with Michelle, we talk about mastering her mindset (and ditching the 9-5 mentality) to create a ripple effect that gets bigger results in business. We’re discussing the role of our personal journeys, the abundance that is already prevalent, and the business foundations she wants to have on lock in order to take things to the next level. In this episode, you’ll be hearing how to really take in the belief that your business GETS to support the life you desire (and how that will make ALL the difference).

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The one thing we all have that we can use RIGHT NOW to create more connection and success in business 
  • The friction between work and personal life that comes from the 9-5 mentality and how to ditch it for better balance in business 
  •  Michelle’s daily affirmation and how she uses it to feel better and move forward in business
  • The simple shift that can greatly reduce tension and create way more alignment + ease in your business 
  • The follow-up strategy that even my most successful clients implement – because it creates way more sales !
  • The business foundation I recommend Michelle nails first before so she can create the security of recurring revenue.


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