Episode 6: Managing capacity, shifting 9-5 conditioning, and stepping into the CEO role for bigger & better results (Session 4 with Michelle)

In Session 4 with Michelle, we get some VERY exciting news (!!!) and dive into all things capacity and conditioning. We talk about what it looks like to step into the unknown, the resistance that can come up with the CEO role, and sales myths that keep us stuck. We’re shifting ALL of these in a big way and creating space for not only more success, but success that ACTUALLY feels good (and comes without a heaping side of sacrifice). 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • A VERY exciting announcement from Michelle
  • The first step is to getting way more conversions (and what to focus on to make that happen consistently)
  • Looking at your own capacity, stretching into the unknown and the practical and mindset shifts that allow you to truly step into that next level of growth 
  • The 9-5 conditioning that can keep us REAL stuck (and how to unwind that old narrative)
  • Dealing with those tantrums our brain can throw (especially when the CEO role feels real heavy!) and how to move through them to get bigger and better results
  • Shifting sales myths to be able to show up and make way more of them

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