Episode 5: The Secret to Growing Your Business That Most People Won’t Tell You (Close-Up with Lacey)

In this first solo episode of Season 6, I talk about the secret to growing your business that most people won’t tell you. Why won’t they tell you? Because our industry is often built on selling the idea that you’re just ONE new module away from it all working. While that would be ideal (to say the least!!), there’s a bigger reality at play. In this episode we talk about what that is and how to use it to not only get short-term results, but to build your business for massive long-term success.  

In this episode, I talk about:

  • The #1 thing to focus on when you don’t see things working right away in your business 
  • What will ACTUALLY change your business for years to come and how to start putting it in place now
  • The place in your business that your personal power and trust comes from – and how focusing there will get you massive long-term results 
  • My own personal revelation with this that changed everything and made my business blow up in a BIG way (and how you can apply it to your business today!)

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