Episode 3: Celebrating Momentum, Defining Your Strategy and Identifying Your Capacity (Session 2 with Michelle)

In Session 2 with Michelle, we’re having a very important conversation around celebrating momentum, creating a strategy (and why it’s important to stay consistent), identifying your finite capacity and mindset. You’ll also hear me talk about a game-changing question you can ask during your next discovery call to get you more sales. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The biggest impactor of the success you’ll experience from your strategy 
  • How a “partner document” can help your client to convert with more ease 
  • Steps for identifying your capacity and how that will change the game in terms of not only your results but how you FEEL in business 
  • The key to easier follow ups and a hack to use on discovery calls to make this simpler 
  • The mindset shift to make for filling your 1:1 practice 


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